Trekchod Retreat w/ Lama Pema Dorje Rinpoche- January 2-10, 2016


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Text List and Schedule will be sent out upon registration
(The retreat will start at 2:30 PM January 2 and end at Noon on January 10)

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Lama Pema Dorje Rinpoche will give step-by-step meditation instructions on His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche’s Vajrakilaya Namchak Putri Trekchod commentary.

These instructions, together with the requisite meditation practice, provide an unparalleled opportunity for the student to gain stability in meditation under the guidance of a genuine and experienced meditation master. 

"Namchak Putri is actually the king of all the collections of Vajrakilaya tantras from Tibet as it is a complete treasure cycle from ngöndro to the Togal clear light teachings. It is very rare to get the complete trekchod teachings from a completely qualified practitioner lama such as Lama Pema Dorje Rinpoche. To receive this kind of teaching requires many positive circumstances and conditions coming together and therefore it is very precious.” Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche 

The retreat will start with a couple of days of rushen practice, to integrate those who have not completed a formal rushen retreat, before the actual trekchod teachings will begin. Rushen (or Khor-de Rushen) is the special preliminary practice for Dzogchen, where the student experientially learns to extract the essence of nirvana from the gross phenomena of samsara.

Retreat Attendance

According to Lama Pema Dorje Rinpoche, the retreat is open to 

1. Those who attended the Namchak Putri Rushen retreat with Rinpoche earlier this year. 

2. Those who have completed a full Nyingma or Kagyu ngondro – “completion of a full ngondro is very good” 

3. Those who have at completed at least 10% of their ngondro. 

You also need to be able to attend this retreat in its entirety. There is no part-time attendance. 


Location: Pema Osel Ling
2013 Eureka Canyon Road
Watsonville , CA 95076

Date: Jan. 2, 2016, 2:30 p.m. - Jan. 10, 2016, noon