Summer Retreat: Drupchen and Children's Retreat

 Vajrakilaya NCP

Drupchen Retreat registration -- Daily participation welcome.

 Session times June 15 to 21 are 7:30 AM to 1 PM and 2:30 to 8:30 PM

Namchak Putri Vajrakilaya Drupchen June 12-22

Treda Tsechu (Guru Rinpoche's Birthday Celebration, with Collection of Seven Treasures Drupchen Sadhana and Tsok and Dance Day) June 23

Children's Retreat, June 15-21

Long Life Ceremony (Tenshuk) for Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche, June 24, morning


Daily Schedule 

Drupchen is open, but you must register for an entire day.

*To register a family, enter one parent's name as the person registering, then add another adult and/or children as "guests".


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Pre-Retreat Information

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Make mendrup, tsok, butter lamp, jinsek or other offerings for Summer Retreat 

 To become a major sponsor of our Mendrup Drupchen, please call us at 831-761-6267.


Drupchen (Great Accomplishment) is an extensive practice retreat. In Drupchen, we practice as a group, drawing on the full array of the skillful means of Vajrayana practice, such as the creation of the mandala, group sadhana practice, tsok offerings, 24-hour mantra recitation, ritual music, mudra, fire pujas, and sacred dance.


Read a teaching by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche on the Benefits of Drupchen.


In addition, this year we will be doing a Mendrup Drupchen with Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche. We will be authentically accomplishing the düdtsi medicine group gathering practice (Mendrup Drupchen) with the previous Dudjom Rinpoche’s “yeast” substance and other sacred substances that Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche gave to us for this purpose.


Mendrup dudtsi (dharma medicine), an inner tantric practice, is one of Vajrayana’s most profound techniques as it has the power to connect all beings, whether practitioners or non-practitioners, humans or animals, living or in the bardo, to enlightenment. Dudtsi (samaya substance or amrita) offers this connection to liberation without requiring faith or devotion. Of this skillful means Dudjom Rinpoche said that one could “search the entire world and all the realms and would never find anything like the tantric technique of Mendrup."  Read more from Lama Sonam Rinpoche on the significance of Mendrup (dudtsi).



Why are we doing Namchak Putri Vajrakilaya Drupchen during this year’s Summer Retreat? Here is what Lama Sonam Rinpoche tells us:


"In so many ways, the world is full of turbulence. There are countless obstacles and unwanted circumstances, not only for the outer world, but for the inner world of beings in our country, including in all Dharma center sanghas.  Everywhere, we can see and experience that emotions and elements are very imbalanced right now. Also, many of our special teachers either have sicknesses or have gone to parinirvana.


"Because of these kinds of circumstances, we can become hopeless if we forget about our ability to pray. There are not so many actual remedies to rely on except to practice and pray to special sublime deities. Without exception, all the deities-- peaceful, increasing, magnetizing, wrathful (whose practice will vary according to the time, energy and situation) - will benefit beings. However, whether for Buddhists or non-Buddhists, for those with faith or those without faith, there is no question that Vajrakilaya practice is the best method to remove outer and inner obstacles, especially for the extremely turbulent situation we find ourselves in today.


"This Namchak Putri practice is one of the earth treasure cycles of Dudjom Lingpa. Of the thousands of Vajrakilaya practices, Namchak Putri is the King of all the Vajrakilayas. It is the most profound and powerful because the lineage is very close. It is not interrupted by broken samaya and there is no decay of the practice. Many practitioners have achieved enlightenment and also rainbow body even in this century by practicing Namchak Putri Vajrakilaya. It is very fresh, the Dakini’s heart essence to remove obstacles.


"This Drupchen will be very special. In this year of the Earth Dog, we are thinking to benefit individuals, families, local groups, sangha, the state, our country, the whole world. For all these, it will be helpful. That is why we are doing a Namchak Putri Drupchen.


"I hope that as many of our precious sangha as possible will be able to join with us."


*Restriction: Participants attending Drupchen must commit to attending at least one full day, including all daytime sessions. 


June 12-22 - Namchak Putri Vajrakilaya Drupchen

June 22 - Drupchen Siddhis and Fire Pujas

June 23 - Collection of Seven Treasures Guru Rinpoche Practice with Tsok and Sacred Dances



Children's Retreat

Held in conjuction with Drupchen, Children's Retreat at Pema Osel Ling offers families a means of connecting with the Dharma in an authentic, practice-oriented environment while providing special care and attention to the needs and capacities of young family members. One of the coordinators of Children's Retreat has this to offer families for a sense of the activities involved:


"Pema Osel Ling's youth retreat is an opportunity for children to learn about the Dharma with age-appropriate activities in a supportive and fun environment while their parents attend retreat. Activities include a morning puja and tsok, and dharma lessons from experienced dharma practitioners or lamas. There are also fun dharma-related art projects and hands-on activities (torma-making, mudras, learning the instruments, doing life release, etc). They also practice and perform a dharma-related play for the Sangha. Each day ends with children joining the parents and Sangha in the Shrine room for Tsok and Dances. The children who have come to summer retreat over the years have made very special friendships and have learned about the many aspects of Buddhism. "


Attendance at Children's Retreat has grown year-by-year, as the benefits to both parents and children are easy to see. One of the long-time Children's Retreatants says, "The lamas teach me to do good things, think good things, and say good things. This helps me in my life and at school. I love kids' retreat!"


For more information about Children's Retreat, or about potential children's activities June 12-14, and for information about age groups and activities, please contact




Location: Pema Osel Ling
2013 Eureka Canyon Road
Watsonville , CA 95076

Date: June 18, 2018, 8 a.m. - June 24, 2018, 6 p.m.