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Five Taras and Great Arhat Mandala Project


 Tara Western Red Tara Eastern Blue  Tara Southern Yellow  Tara Northern Green


Lama Sonam Rnpoche has decided that this is the right time to begin a very special project based on a prophecy of Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche. This will involve commissioning and installing five white marble Tara statues, each approximately 4 feet high, and a Great Arhat Mandala of 25 stone statues in the Pema Osel Ling shrine room.



Lama Sonam Rinpoche introduces this project:

"On one of his visits to Pema Osel Ling, Our Lord of Refuge Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche shared a prophecy with Lama Tharchin Rinpoche and me. He said that at the right time, statues of Four Elements Dakinis should be installed in our shrine room, to protect not only Pema Osel Ling, but the whole world.  


Green Tara statue"Tara offers the most powerful and universal protection from all negativity. The Four Element Taras, corresponding with fire, water, earth and air, specifically offer protection from disharmony of the elements that results in wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. In Dudjom Lingpa’s Green Tara practice, the fifth Tara (Green Tara) is included, offering protection from all obstacles, relief from the Eight Great Fears and support for harmony in the sangha and among all suffering beings. 


"Because of the catastrophic and worsening imbalance in our environment, I feel that this is the right time to fulfill Dungse Rinpoche’s prophecy by installing the five Tara statues - and that we should do it as quickly as possible. In addition, at this time I believe that placing the 23 statues of the Great Arhat Mandala* at Pema Osel Ling will also be of immeasurable benefit.


"The Great Arhats perform the wisdom activity of the Buddhas, similar to the activity of the Dharma Protectors. Although in essence they are primordially Buddhas, with all the abundant qualities of renunciation and realization, out of compassion they appear for the sake of sentient beings as great Shravaka (one who hears and proclaims) Arhats and Bodhisattvas.


"The Great Arhats embody extraordinary training in discipline, the twelve qualities of purification (freedom from attachment, and so forth), and unwavering meditative concentration. 


  • Because they are emanations of Buddha, they are also called the Sixteen Great Munis. 
  • Because they uphold the great Vinaya teachings, they are also called the Sixteen Great Shravakas. 
  • Because they have all the qualities of the Triple Gems, bringing happiness to the world and protecting beings from all undesirable circumstances, they are also called the Sixteen Precious Objects of Refuge. 


LTR Bumgo Buddha

"The Great Arhats Mandala has the power to help fulfill prayers, whether we pray for worldly goals, for the teachings to flourish, or for the long life of the lama, ourselves, our sponsors, or all positive people and loved ones. Most importantly, it can help restore and support harmony among people that is desperately needed right now in the world. Harmony in the sangha and for all people is critical - without this we are lost. 


"Until the Second Buddha Maitreya appears, the Great Arhats will continue to uphold the teachings of the Buddha, preventing them from falling into decline and performing the four types of wisdom activity for beings who need to be tamed. 


"Erecting statues of Tara and the Great Arhats Mandala and reciting prayers to them, in temples and in our own homes, is of unimaginably great benefit, especially in times of conflict like these. This is why I want to work with our precious sangha to commission the statues to be made and place the Element Dakini statues that Dungse Rinpoche prophesized, as well as the Great Arhat Mandala statues in the blessed shrine room at Pema Osel Ling. There, they will help protect the environment from imbalances of the elements and society from disease, conflict and disharmony. They will be extraordinary sources of longevity, merit, glory, happiness and bliss for all."


 The five Tara statues are each 4' high and will be carved in white marble. The Great Arhat Mandala will include a total of 25 statues, each 18" high and carved from stone. These include the 16 Arhats, whom the Buddha selected from among his disciples, their two attendants, Shakyamuni Buddha, and the Four Great Kings.

We project the total project cost to be approximately $127,000. We invite you to make a connection to this special project with a one-time gift, or to make a pledge of 3 monthly gifts.