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Nepal Earthquake-Message from Lama Sonam Rinpoche

Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters and Friends,  

As we all know, the earthquake in Nepal has caused unbearable suffering for the people there, with much death and destruction. We need to do whatever we can to help, with both prayers and generous giving. 

Guru Rinpoche predicted these degenerate times and we see upheaval all over the world due to the imbalance of the outer elements. Our inner imbalances, created by afflictive emotions such as jealousy and hatred, actually cause these outer imbalances, manifesting in earthquakes, tornados, floods, new diseases, and war. Everyone can help relieve suffering by praying to Samantabhadra and Guru Rinpoche with compassion; it is especially our responsibility as practioners. We should recite the Sa Chu Me Lung (Guru Rinpoche's Prayer to Pacify Imbalances in the Four Elements) and Kunzang Monlam (for those who have died) to accumulate merit and virtue. This is the only true antidote when the outer elements become like enemies.

We should also offer financial help*, according to individual capacity. Even a small amount of money, if given with vast intention and compassion from the bottom of one's heart, will help immeasurably. If you sincerely dedicate the merit to all sentient beings, it will continually increase like a drop of water in the ocean, and will benefit all those suffering in samsara.


Nepal is a very precious place, especially for Buddhists, as it is Buddha Shakyamuni's birthplace. Please support this sacred land and the people there with heartfelt prayers and generosity. 

With Much Love,

Your Dharma Friend,

Lama Sonam


For those of you who would like suggestions for organizations accepting donations for humanitarian and rescue aid, please consider these:



Direct Relief International