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Vajrakilaya 2021 Additional Prayers and Handouts:

For those using phyiscal texts for the Vajrakilaya Gutor-Losar 2021 Retreat, you can find Additional Prayers and Handouts here:


Text List:


KLCS supplication will be recited every day after Prayer of the Three Kayas:


Dudjom Lingpa supplication will be recited every third day, alternating with Seed of Three-fold Faith and Pearl Necklace supplications:


Blessing the Fulfillment Substances will be used in the morning and afternoon sessions during Dharma Protectors:
Damchen Chitor Confession will be used in the afternoon session during Dharma protectors: 


Testament Prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche Testament Prayer to Guru Rinpoche is recited after Barche Lamsel:


Prayers to Avert Pandemics:


Nenten Chakcho Losar Day handout:


The following Confession Prayers are alternated each day.


Confession Dusum Deshek:


Confession Zhitok Dangpo: