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Lingdro Dances 

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Tibetan secular history was preserved and passed on from generation to generation through ritualized dances which were told through song, dance and music. The Lingdro is a most famous and historical work from the Biography of King Gesar the Great Lion: 'The Awe Inspired Laughter of the Dance of Ling, A Symphony of Ecstasy' revealed by Mipham Rinpoche as a pure vision terma. It was revised and expanded by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje. This is an epic poetic song about the 11th century Tibetan King "Gesar of Ling" and his heroic battles against demons. 


Tibetan and Western dancers performed this epic legend in the traditional manner at Pema Osel Ling, the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual center of the Vajrayana Foundation, in the Santa Cruz Mountains annually. Members of the Vajrayana Foundation who have been trained and skilled in playing the Tibetan musical instruments accompanied the performers.


Many of the costumes were funded by a 2014 Traditional Arts Grant from the Creative Work Fund.


The Dances of The Eight Manifestations of Padmasambhava

Descriptions from The Collection of Seven Treasures Drupchen Sadhana by Jigdral Yeshe Dorje


The Dance of Pema Jungnay

Pema Jungnay appears as the one born from the lotus, totally pure with no faults or attachments. HRI! You are unattached, unsullied by any flaw. Praise to the form of Pema Jungnay.


The Dance of Padmasambhava

Gykar Panchen, a great Indian pundit, displays all the qualities of a great scholar. You are the utter perfection of all positive qualities. Praise to the form of Padmasambhava.


The Dance of Loden Chokse

Loden Chokse’s omniscient mind is inseparable from Buddha Manjushri. You are the undiluted regarding all objects of knowledge. Praise to the form of Loden Chokse.


The Dance of Pema Gyalpo

Pema Gyalpo manifested as a king who controls all three realms of existence: heaven, earth, and the world of supernatural beings. You bring the three realms and three states under your power. Praise to the form of Pema Gyalpo.


The Dance of Nyima Oser

Nyima Oser means ray of sunlight and is the form that dispels the darkness of ignorance. You dispel the darkness of delusion and tame beings. Praise to the form of Nyima Oser


The Dance of Shakya Senge

Shakya Senge, a monk who acquired the name “Sage of Shakya” becomes a great liberator of beings, destroying the four negative influences leading to non-virtuous actions. You tame the four maras and those who lead astray. Praise to the form of Shakya Senge.


The Dance of Senge Dradok

Senge Dradok is the destroyer of the wrong views of nihilism and Externalisms and also of demons, that arise when tantric vows are broken. You tame those with the extreme views and the demons of broken samaya. Praise to the form of Senge Dradok.


The Dance of Dorje Drolod

Dorje Drolod, the destroyer of enemies and obstructions to enlightenment, is the Eighth Manifestation of Padmasambhava. You annihilate arrogant ones, enemies and hindrances. Praise to the form of Dorje Drolod.

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