2021 Year End Donations

 Shrine Entrance je

 Entrance to the Shrine and Offering Fountain


 Thank You!

Your vision and generosity keep Dharma activity going!


Thank You for choosing to support and protect this blessed land -

now and for the future - with your tax-deductible gift.


You may make a donation in a loved one's name and we will send you a link to a beautiful dedication e-card. Details below.* 


Our Year-End Fundraising goal this year is $135,500. We appreciate your generous support:

Necessary projects include:

  • Professional tree work - $55,000
  • Extensive Brush removal - $30,000
  • Rocks for the Offering Pond to prevent liner damage - $7,000
  • Fire Retardant Painting of Sangha House $12,000
  • Replace decks and stairs with fire resistant materials - $31,000


Friend $25 –

This amount will buy fire retardant additive for 5 gallons of paint.


Supporter $54 –

This amount will buy 10 gallons of gas for power tools to remove brush.


Auspicious Pillar $108  

This amount will buy a pallet of pavers for the Shrine stairway.


Daka/Dakini $250 –

This amount will pay a grounds person to remove brush around buildings for one day.


Founder $500 –

This amount will purchase bulding materials to replace 50 square feet of decking.


Patron $1,000 – 

This amount will buy a load of river stones to line the offering pond.


Year-End Benefactor $2,000 – 

This amount will pay a professional tree company to remove one 20-foot pine or madrone.


Donate any amount



Recurring donation - Split your donation over 3 months


Auspicious Pillar Recurring Pledge: $36 per month for 3 months ($108 total)


Daka/Dakini Recurring Pledge: $83 per month for 3 months ($249 total)


Founder Recurring Pledge: $167 per month for 3 months ($501 total)


Patron Recurring Pledge: $333 per month for 3 months ($999 total)


Consider becoming a Dharma Advocate with a donation of

$5,000 or more - because there are vital projects to be accomplished!

E-mail offerings@vajrayana.org and we will contact you.



* If you are making an offering for loved ones, enter names in the PayPal form

or email offerings@vajrayana.org. We will send you a link to the e-card and 

will read their names at tsok on Jan. 12, the first Guru Rinpoche tsok of 2022.






You may also send a check to Vajrayana Foundation, 2013 Eureka Canyon Road, Watsonville, CA 95076


Click here for a legacy gift and other ways to support Pema Osel Ling 







By this accumulation of merit, may I obtain all-seeing omniscience

and may all faults be defeated.

The whirling, turbulent waves of birth, aging, sickness

and death—from this ocean of samsara, may I liberate beings.


 (Translated by Dungsé Thinley Norbu Rinpoché) 



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