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Bero Jeydren Publications was founded by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche to compile, translate and make available important texts of the Nyingma tradition with a particular emphasis on the New Treasures of Dudjom.











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"… Making these texts involves so many people and so much time. So I am requesting your help and support. For anyone who is able to add some material donation, I will dedicate that material accumulation merit into immaterial vast dharmata like the sky. That connection will lead us to attain enlightenment in order to benefit all sentient beings. These texts from the Vajrayana Foundation will remain and continue to benefit so many beings who do the practices."


Your donations are deeply appreciated and help ensure that we can continue the vital work of publishing texts key to our practice lineage.


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Vajra Armor Healing Mantra Teaching by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche teaches on the Vajra Armor (Dorje Gotrab) mantra, the healing mantra of Guru Pema Shawari form of Guru Rinpoche. Ngawang Zangpo translates. Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael, California, June 12, 2006. 

Restricted: This recording is being made available by Heart Teachings by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche and is restricted to those who have had a Vajra Armor Mantra oral transmission (rlung) either from Lama Tharchin Rinpoche or Lama Sonam Rinpoche, or another lineage-holding lama.


Purchase the MP3 here. Your donation for this teaching benefits Bero Jeydren Publications, a translation and text production activity of the Vajrayana Foundation. Any amount you can offer above the price is of great help to Vajrayana Foundation. Thank you for your generous support.


Sampa Lhundrupma Prayer

Available here through Dharma Treasures or download here for tablet. Also in The Prayer to Seven Chapters to Padmakara (Le'u Dunma) available here.


Free Text Downloads:

Daily Practices:

     Troma Nagmo Daily Practice compiled by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche


Updated Dharma Protectors for the Daily Practice Book 2017:

Purchase a download of the Dharma Protectors for Daily Practice for tablet or download the new practices for free:

     Concise Tsiu Marpo

     Tsen Offering

     The Roar of Hung (Drakshul Wangpo)

     Fulfillment Offering to the Protectors

     Invocation to the General Assembly of Protectors

     Lion-Faced Dakini with Hand-Clapping (Seng Dong T'hal Deb)


Soldeb Supplication Prayers:

Prayer to Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche by Dodrup Rinpoche

Prayer to Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche by Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche

Chadral Rinpoche Soldeb (letter format)

Chadral Rinpoche Soldeb (half page)

Dudjom Lingpa's Concise Supplication Prayer (half page)

Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche's Concise Supplication Prayer (Nam Yang Kye Gak...) (half page) 

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche's Supplication Prayer

Based on the long-life prayer written by Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche. This prayer is included in the Daily Practice Book, General Prayers Book, and is also available for download.

The Healing Medicine of Faith: A Supplication to Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Tulku Jigme Wangdrak Rinpoche offered our sangha this beautiful and profound supplication to Lama Tharchin Rinpoche’s wisdom mind. By reciting and meditating upon this prayer, we can merge our own mind with Rinpoche’s wisdom mind and receive his blessings. “The Healing Medicine of Faith,” translated by Sarah Plazas, is included in the Daily Practice Book, General Prayers Book, and is also available for download in tablet or letter format.

Concise Supplications to Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

By Lama Pema Dorje Rinpoche available for download.

By Anam Thubten Rinpoche from Jnanasukha for download.



Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones by Mipham Rinpoche

Seven Line Prayer


    Heart Essence of Confession 

    Stainless King of Confession 

    Inexpressible Ultimate Confession 

The Great Perfection Prayer of Kuntuzangpo (Kunzang Monlam)

Copper-Colored Mountain Prayers (Zangdok Palri Monlam), Medium & Concise

The Mahasandhi Prayer of Manjushri 

Prayer of the Sealed Vajra Knot 

Tsok Offerings:

    Concise Tsok Offering Verse by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche (Ying Kyi Bhendhar)

    Laymon Tendrel (letter format)

    Tsok Khang Dechen (Melodious Tamboura of the Lotus, Concise Fulfillment of the Dakinis) (letter format)

    Dudjom Lingpa's Tsok Lu (letter format)

    Dudjom Rinpoche's Tsok Lu (letter format)

Final Words of Gyurme Dorje (Nang Drak Rik Sum) with Lama Tharchin Rinpoche reciting the prayer

Longchenpa's Aspiration Prayer 

Prayer to Avert Nuclear War by Chatral Rinpoche (letter format) & Prayer to Avert Nuclear War (tablet format)

Prayer to Calm the Elements (Sa Chu Me Lung)

Prayer for the Peoples of the Earth (Dzam Ling Chi Dang) by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche

Sampa Lhundrupma Prayers for Beings Who are Dying

Sampa Nyur Drupma (Prayer to Swiftly Fulfill All Wishes) (letter format)

Sampa Nyur Drupma & Du Sum Sang Gyay (tablet format)

Wang Du Prayer "The Great Cloud of Blessings" by Mipham Rinpoche

Dedication of Merit (So Nam Di Yiy)

Brighter than Crystal: The Indispensable Adornment of View, Meditation, & Action by Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa (Tibetan, Phonetics, English) and Tibetan with English


Swift Rebirth & Longevity Prayers:

Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche 

Dungse Gyana Rinpoche

Tulku Jamyang Rinpoche

Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche

Tulku Jigme Wangdrak Rinpoche

Tulku Thadral Rinpoche

Lama Sam Bercholz


Writings by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche:

Visualization: Brief explanations by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Books and Downloads for Purchase:

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