Sunday, June 25 2023

9 AM
Tuesday, Jun 20, 2023 9 a.m.
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Practice Retreat

Pond and Gate Namgyal Dawa R FB1

Pema Osel Ling Offering Pond    -    Namgyal Dawa Rinpoche


Summer Retreat 2023:

Collection of Seven Treasures Guru Rinpoche Drupchö

with Namgyal Dawa Rinpoche, Tulku Thadral Rinpoche, Tulku Jamyang Rinpoche, Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche, Lama Tsering Gyaltsen Rinpoche and other Dudjom Lineage lamas



Drupchö: June 20-28  In person and by live streaming

Collection of Seven Treasures Guru Rinpoche Empowerment with Namgyal Dawa Rinpoche, June 20th

You can receive the empowerment by live streaming, but they must be received in real time. All teaching and practice sessions will be recorded and available to those who register for up to one month.


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Children's Retreat (Youth ages 4-15) June 21-27

Children's Retreat will only be offered in person

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Make tsok, butter lamp, jinsek or other offerings for Summer Retreat



This year we will be doing a Drupchö, a less extensive form of Drupchen (Great Accomplishment) without the 24 hour mantras and practice..


In the Collection of Seven Treasures: The Mind Accomplishment of the Lama we perform this highly elaborate Guru Rinpoche Guru Yoga practice as a group, drawing on the full array of the skillful means of Vajrayana practice, such as the creation of the mandala, group sadhana practice, tsok offerings, 24-hour mantra recitation, ritual music, mudra, fire pujas, and sacred dance. Due to Guru Rinpoche's previous compassionate aspirations for these degenerate times, the practice carries the most penetrating compassion and wisdom blessings. Click here for Lama Tharchin Rinpoche's talk about Drupchen.



Dance Day: Instead of having a traditional day at the end of Drupchen when we enact the Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche, Lingdro, and perform other sacred dances, this year the dances will be integrated into the puja on last day of the Drupchen. Please let us know if you would like attend.  



 Jinseks (Fire Offering Pujas)

You may make offerings for Drupchen and the Jinsek Fire Offering Pujas here.



In order to accomplish the four enlightened activities of pacifying, wrathful, magnetizing and enriching, we use skillful means related to the elements. Jinsek is a ritual of generously burning offerings using the fire element to accomplish enlightened activities quickly and powerfully. Jinsek is also related in particular to this “Collection of Seven Treasures” Guru Rinpoche Drupchen. The benefit of performing jinsek or even making a connection with them is immense, both relatively and ultimately. We invite you to make a connection by sponsoring any of the four activities.


o Pacifying (Zhiway Jinsek): This activity heals the imbalances of physical elements that result in sickness; removes demonic energy; pacifies karmic defilements of countless lifetimes until now; and liberates us from all unwanted circumstances. June 21 @ 9:30 am (date and time subject to change).


Enriching (Gyaybay Jinsek): Longevity, merit, glory, wealth, splendor, powerful influence, fame, good reputation, wisdom and all enlightened qualities are enriched and expanded.  June 23 @ 10:30 am (date and time subject to change).


Magnetizing (Wang-gi Jinsek): Gods, demons, and nagas are brought under one’s control; queens, ministers, their retinues, all qualities of the three realms of cyclic existence, any worldly desirable qualities, and glorious qualities of the Dharma path, such as meditative experience, realization, and enlightened wisdom qualities, are magnetized and brought under one’s control. June 25 @ 5:00 pm (date and time subject to change).


o Wrathful (Drakpö Jinsek): All enemies, obstructers, and those who bring harm both to worldly life and the path of enlightenment are eliminated and liberated. June 27 @ 8:30 pm (date and time subject to change).






 Tulku Thadral R with Children


Children's Retreat at Pema Osel Ling, held June 21-27 in conjunction with Drupchen, offers families a means of connecting with the Dharma in an authentic, practice-oriented environment, while providing special care and attention to the needs and capacities of young family members ages 4-15. Children must have at least one parent in attendance at Drupchen. Parents take turns over the week assisting with the Youth Retreat. Children stay with parents for Shrine Room activities on June 20 and June 28.



Pema Osel Ling's Children's Retreat is an opportunity for children to learn about the Dharma with age-appropriate activities in a supportive and fun environment while their parents attend Drupchen retreat. Activities include a morning puja and tsok, and dharma lessons from experienced dharma practitioners or lamas. There are also fun, dharma-related art projects and hands-on activities (torma-making, mudras, learning the instruments, doing life release, etc). They also practice and may perform a dharma-related play for the Sangha. Each day ends with children joining the parents and Sangha in the Shrine room for Tsok and Dances. The children who have come to summer retreat over the years have made very special friendships and have learned about the many aspects of Buddhism. 


The benefits of Children's Retreat to both parents and children are easy to see. One of the long-time Children's Retreatants says, "The lamas teach me to do good things, think good things, and say good things. This helps me in my life and at school. I love kids' retreat!"


Please email for details.




All donations support Dharma programs and help support the ongoing expenses of Pema Osel Ling. If you are not able to offer at one of the suggested levels, please contact No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 


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