Monthly Ngondro Teachings

Recorded Ngondro Teachings with Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche.


We are offering these teachings free of charge and invite you to make offerings of any size for tsok, butter lamps, Riwo Sangchö or for general support for Pema Osel Ling.

Part One Teaching July 16, 2020: Introductory teaching & Four Thoughts
Part Two Teaching August 8, 2020: Four Thoughts continued
Part Three Teaching Sept 2, 2020: Four Thoughts continued
Part Four Teaching Oct 3, 2020: Four Thoughts continued
Part Five Teaching Nov 5, 2020: Refuge 
Part Six Teaching Dec 10, 2020: Refuge and Bodhicitta continued. 
Part Seven Teaching Jan 15, 2021: 
Part Eight Teaching Feb 27 2021: Meditative Concentration & Wisdom

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