Streaming Black Hayagriva 2019

Wrathful Black Hayagriva Retreat 2019 is available for Video Streaming.


Even if you miss sessions, the video recordings will stay on the YouTube server for at least one month to view at a later date.


The full 6 days of retreat (not including the empowerment day) is offered for a sliding scale of $25 to $100 by clicking below. You will be directed to a page with multiple daily links to the YouTube videos. 


Each day's teachings and practice sessions can also be streamed with access to individual daily links. With payment of $10 for each day selected, you will be directed to a page with the YouTube links for that day. We are not making the video available for the Wrathful Black Hayagriva Empowerment day, June 21st.


Here is the Wrathful Black Hayagriva retreat Schedule. 


Please do not share these links with others. We would like for everyone who is interested to participate, but the nominal fee helps support the real costs of providing this service. Please contact for an exception.


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