Summer Retreat 2014 Offerings and Sponsorship

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“If you are able to come to a retreat that is wonderful, but the other way you can establish tendrel (auspicious connection) is to make a material offering with faith, devotion and a pure mind. You can send an offering with names of loved ones, family or pets, dead or living and we will read your names in dedication. Your dedication of material offerings and the blessings of the retreat are connected.


“ Tsok is the most profound method of accumulating merit and wisdom, its special qualities make one moment of tsok practice equal to eons of confessing downfalls in our samaya.


Butterlamps - Just as a lamp dispels darkness, offering light from a butter lamp represents removing the darkness of ignorance in order to attain Buddha’s luminous clear wisdom… Butter lamps are also offered as a dedication to the dead in order to guide them through the bardo by wisdom light.”     Lama Tharchin Rinpoche




Send the names of your loved ones to before 3pm each day so we can read the names during the puja.

Any offerings over total costs of activity will go to cover other shrine and puja costs including tormas, ritual substances and items, lama shrine implements, etc.


Thank you and may all beings benefit from our generosity.