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Pond and wang tents

 Offering Pond and Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche's 2018 Empowerment Tents 


Thank You!

Your Year-End Gift will preserve Pema Osel Ling as a place of refuge - now and for future generations! 

You may make a donation in a loved one's name and we will send you a link to a beautiful dedication e-card that you can send to them. Details below.* 




Supporter $54


Auspicious Pillar $108


Daka/Dakini $250


Founder $500


Patron $1,000


Donate any amount


Recurring donation - Split your donation over 3 months


Auspicious Pillar Recurring Pledge: $36 per month for 3 months ($108 total)


Daka/Dakini Recurring Pledge: $83 per month for 3 months ($249 total)


Founder Recurring Pledge: $167 per month for 3 months ($501 total)


Patron Recurring Pledge: $333 per month for 3 months ($999 total)


Consider becoming a Dharma Advocate

(those who donate $5,000 or more)   

E-mail offerings@vajrayana.org and we will contact you personally. 


You may also send a check to Vajrayana Foundation,

2013 Eureka Canyon Road, Watsonville, CA 95076

* If you are making an offering for a loved one and would like thier names read in the first

Guru Rinpoche tsok of the New Year you may enter the names in the PayPal form or email offerings@vajrayana.org 


Click here for a legacy gift and other ways to support Pema Osel Ling 


 2018 Drupchen Shrine

2018 Vajrakilaya Drupchen with Kyabje Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche 




By this accumulation of merit, may I obtain all-seeing omniscience

and may all faults be defeated.

The whirling, turbulent waves of birth, aging, sickness

and death—from this ocean of samsara, may I liberate beings.

 (Translated by Dungsé Thinley Norbu Rinpoché)