Tulku Thadral Rinpoche's Cabin Renovation

TTR Cabin siding going up


We are happy to let you know about progress we are making on renovating a cabin which will be Tulku Thadral Rinpoche's new home at Pema Osel Ling. Rinpoche has been living here since June 2022, staying most of the time in a small room at the back of the Shrine Room.


You might remember the Shrine Cabin, once called "Baby Ling", just up the path from the Shrine Room, where parents would care for small children and be close by during pujas. We are now upgrading it to make a comfortable home for our most kind lama. He will be close to our shrine and a “neighbor” to Guru Rinpoche!



TTR Cabin new deck



The exterior has been completed with better insulation and siding, and a small replacement deck is underway. Volunteers have been painting and installing kitchen and bathroom counters and cabinets. We have been able to complete the work to this point due to generous donations from a few sangha members. We invite you to help us complete this important project.


We would like to finish Rinpoche's cabin before Summer Retreat, which begins May 14, 2024. We need your help purchasing the following items:


  • Bathroom tile and grout - $2,000
  • Kitchen tile and grout - $2,000
  • Flooring - $3,000
  • Refrigerator - $1,300
  • Range - $950
  • Over-the-range microwave - $300
  • Bathroom sink and faucet - $500
  • Shower surround and fixtures - $1,500
  • Water Saving Toilet - $250
  • Lighting fixtures - $1,500
  • Interior Paint $500


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