Summer Retreat

Vajrayana Foundation's Annual Summer Retreat
June 16 - July 7, 2014

Guru Rinpoche - Shrine
“Summer Retreat is our Dharma Party, where we gather together. It makes me happy. It also makes Kyabje Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche and HH Dudjom Rinpoche happy because even though their physical body is not with us, their wisdom mind is always watching from the Dharmakaya and their compassion and penetration of wisdom blessings is continuous.
I do feel I am so lucky to have connection with the best teachers, the best dharma, Dudjom Tersar cycle, and the best sangha; all of us have a heart connection, all taking teachings, doing practice and accomplishing practice. That is the only way we will get the result, fully enlightened Buddhahood. All of us are based on impermanence. Right now we are still alive but we never know for how long. Now is the time to practice. I am encouraging and requesting you to come to Summer Retreat.” Lama Tharchin Rinpoche (2013)

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Barchay Kunsel- Prayer to Dispel Obstacles
Long Life Prayer for Chatral Rinpoche by HH Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche
Drupchen Supplemental Practices availalble from Bero Jeydren

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche began Vajrayana Foundation’s Summer Retreat 26 years ago as his main vehicle for passing on the Dudjom Tersar lineage practices over a month each Summer.  Rinpoche passed into Parinirvana last year, and in continuing to honor his wishes and aspirations we will offer a full summer of Dudjom Three Roots’ (lama, yidam, dakini) practices. Please join Lama Sonam Rinpoche, Lama Gyaltsen Rinpoche, Tulku Jamyang Gyatso, Tulku Jigme Wangdrak Rinpoche, Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche, Anam Thubten Rinpoche, Tadral Rinpoche, Khenpo Tamdrin Gyalpo, Lama Yedrol, Lama Yeshe Wangmo and other lamas and sangha friends during our Summer Retreat. You are invited to attend what your schedule allows, as either a commuter or an onsite guest.

Collection of Seven Treasures Drupchen        June 29-July 7
This retreat will be open this year, so you may attend all or part ...

Drupchen (Great Accomplishment) is an extensive practice retreat that draws upon the full array of the skillful means of Vajrayana practice, such as the creation of the mandala, group sadhana practice, tsok offerings, 24-hour mantra recitation, ritual music, mudra, fire pujas, and sacred dance. As in previous years, we will do the Collection of Seven Treasures: the Mind Accomplishment of the Lama, an elaborate Guru Rinpoche guru yoga practice.   For Lama Tharchin Rinpoche's talk about Drupchen
click here.
This year will be a Mendrup Drupchen where special sacred substances will be gathered, prepared and  consecrated through intensive group practice, and distributed to practitioners as a support for their individual practice.  A means toward ultimate liberation, mendrup practice increases meditative experience and realization and offers protection from outer, inner and secret obstacles.

We will be making our dudtsi with pure dharma medicine substances from His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche. In addition, His Holiness Chatral Rinpoche and His Holiness Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche have directly given us their own sacred substances specifically for this Mendrup Drupchen. We will also include substances from Kyabje Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche and His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche. All these substances, combined with root and branch substances and a collection of relics from myriad enlightened beings, will be the "yeast" to create our dudtsi.

"Guru Rinpoche said:  
            The benefits of eating (dudtsi) are inexpressible. 
            Externally, it will cure your bodily illnesses and remove obstacles.
            Internally, it will purify the five poisons of the passions.  
            It will repair all your broken and damaged samaya.  
            You will realize wisdom, the all-pervasive secret.
This is a short reminder for all of you who want to enter the extraordinary mandala of the group gathering practice connected with the profound ripening and liberating samaya substance dharma medicine nectar here at Pema Osel Ling."   Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche

For a description of the Mendrup, please click here
July 7: Guru Rinpoche’s birthday concludes the retreat and is celebrated with an afternoon of sacred dance, where the auspicious Lingdro Gesar dances will be performed. Everyone is welcome.

Children's Retreat will take place during Drupchen. More information to follow.



Sat, Jul. 5 - Mon, Jul. 7, 2014
9 a.m. - 6 p.m. US/Pacific

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Individual Pricing Options

July 7- Drupchen Dance Day/Entire Day - $45.00

Single Session - $17.00

Night of Lodging - $25.00

Per Meal - $10.00

Day Rate (with sessions and meals) - $70.00

Drupchen Dance Day: July 7th/Dances only - $20.00


Pema Osel Ling
2013 Eureka Canyon Road
Watsonville, CA 95076
United States