Khandro T'huk T'hik Mendrup Drupchen and Empowerment

Yeshe Tshogyal


 May 21 - May 30

Khandro T'huk T'hik Mendrup Drupchen

Khandro T'huk T'hik (Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal) Empowerment May 21

and Oral Transmission (Lung) May 22

with Tulku Thadral Rinpoche




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Namgyal Dawa R FB1

Namgay Dawa Rinpoche will preside over the Mendrup Drupchen as Dorje Lopon.


Tulku Thadral Rinpoche shrine room

Tulku Thadral Rinpoche will give the Yeshe Tsogyal Khandro T'huk T'hik Empowerment and Lungs


The empowerment and oral transmission (lung) can be received in person or by live streaming in real time. Tulku Thadral Rinpoche says there is no special samaya for receiving the empowerment.





The first day of making Mendrup, Friday, May 24, will be marked by doing a special Enriching Jinsek. There will also be all four activity jinseks performed on the concluding day, May 30th. 



Enriching Jinsek LSR treasure vase

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In order to accomplish the four enlightened activities of pacifying, wrathful, magnetizing and enriching, we use skillful means related to the elements. Jinsek is a ritual of generously burning offerings using the fire element to accomplish enlightened activities quickly and powerfully.


Jinsek is also related in particular to this Khandro T’huk T’hik Drupchen. The benefit of performing jinsek or even making a connection with them is immense, both relatively and ultimately. The first enriching jinsek will be Friday, May 24, the first day of Mendrup making. All four activity jinseks wil be done concurrently on the concluding day of Drupchen, May 30. We invite you to make a connection by sponsoring any or all of the five jinseks.


o Pacifying (Zhiway Jinsek): This activity heals the imbalances of physical elements that result in sickness; removes demonic energy; pacifies karmic defilements of countless lifetimes until now; and liberates us from all unwanted circumstances. Thursday, May 30


o Wrathful (Drakpö Jinsek): All enemies, obstructers, and those who bring harm both to worldly life and the path of enlightenment are eliminated and liberated. Thursday, May 30


o Magnetizing (Wang-gi Jinsek): Gods, demons, and nagas are brought under one’s control; queens, ministers, their retinues, all qualities of the three realms of cyclic existence, any worldly desirable qualities, and glorious qualities of the Dharma path, such as meditative experience, realization, and enlightened wisdom qualities, are magnetized and brought under one’s control. Thursday, May 30


o Enriching (Gyaybay Jinsek): Longevity, merit, glory, wealth, splendor, powerful influence, fame, good reputation, wisdom and all enlightened qualities are enriched and expanded. Performed twice: Friday, May 24 and Thursday, May 30



Drupchen (Great Accomplishment) is an elaborate ritual practiced as a group, which draws on the full array of the skillful means of Vajrayana practice, such as the creation of the mandala, group sadhana practice, tsok offerings, continuous mantra recitation, ritual music, mudra, fire pujas, and sacred dance.


This year's Drupchen will be special for several reasons.

  • This is the 120th anniversary of Dudjom Rinpoche's birth, an especially auspicious time corresponding to 10 astrological cycles of 12 years each.


  • We will be focusing on Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche's Dakini practice of Khandro T'huk T'hik, using a newly translated sadhana and jinsek manual.


  • This will also be a Mendrup Drupchen, where special sacred substances will be gathered, prepared and consecrated through intensive group practice, and the dudtsi, or mendrup, will be distributed to practitioners as a support for their individual practices.  A means toward ultimate liberation, mendrup practice increases meditative experience and realization and offers protection from outer, inner and secret obstacles. Because of the time it takes to complete the mendrup, we are starting the Drupchen earlier in our Summer Retreat. [We are sorry if this is inconvenient for families with school-age family members who usually attend Drupchen.]


Sponsor the Mendrup

Mendrup Dudtsi 



Mendrup Dudtsi (by Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche)

"Mendrup dudtsi (dharma medicine), an inner tantric practice, is one of Vajrayana’s most profound techniques, as it has the power to connect all beings, whether practitioners or non-practitioners, humans or animals, living or in the bardo, to enlightenment. Dudtsi (samaya substance or amrita) offers this connection to liberation without requiring faith or devotion. Of this skillful means, Dudjom Rinpoche said that one could “search the entire world and all the realms and would never find anything like the tantric technique of Mendrup.


"Dudtsi will benefit any being who can taste, smell, or be touched by this sacred substance. For liberation through taste it can be eaten at any time, but the best is in the morning. You can put it in hot water and drink it or you can chew it or let it dissolve in your mouth before eating any food. For the ill or dying it can be dissolved in hot water, left to cool and then used to moisten the lips or put in the mouth with an eye-dropper. Dudtsi can also be given to pets and other animals as well.


"For liberation through smell, dudtsi can be burned, either with other substances in a fire puja or smoke offering, or by itself. While it is burning, any prayers and aspirations one wishes can be dedicated to the alleviation of suffering and the liberation of living beings who may be touched by the smoke, beings in the spirit realms, hell realms or who those have died. If burning dudtsi for those who have passed, it can be dedicated so that they be reborn in a pureland, or, if they are already born, that they connect to the dharma in that life and become enlightened.


"For liberation through touch, dudtsi can be dissolved in water and applied to the body or it can be put into the ocean or lakes for all beings in the water.


"While it is true that dudtsi will connect all beings to enlightenment, it is especially powerful for practitioners. It will remove obstructions to enlightenment for those who are trying to practice dharma but are meeting with obstacles. Practitioners can visualize their practice deity and hold the dudtsi between their ring finger and thumb, while visualizing the ring finger as a vajra and the thumb as a lotus, as the dudtsi is put into a cup, directly into the mouth, into water or burned. If it is eaten or dissolved in hot water to drink, visualize your tongue as a vajra and think that the dudtsi is filled with blessings from special substances and enlightened teachers. Believe that it is nectar going through your whole body, cleaning all your channels, purifying all defilements, pacifying negative emotions and healing all illnesses on the deepest level.


"The vast benefits of mendrup dudtsi are especially needed in these degenerate times, when emotions are turbulent and elements are imbalanced. Good fortune, health, merit and prosperity will one day come to all those who have contact with it on this earth and it will alleviate suffering for beings of all realms with our intention. Most importantly, every sentient being that comes into contact with it in any way will definitely be connected to the inexpressible liberation of enlightenment. This sacred substance is truly one medicine for all.

"Guru Rinpoche said:  

            The benefits of eating (dudtsi) are inexpressible. 
            Externally, it will cure your bodily illnesses and remove obstacles.
            Internally, it will purify the five poisons of the passions.  
            It will repair all your broken and damaged samaya.  
            You will realize wisdom, the all-pervasive secret.


"This is a short reminder for all of you who want to enter the extraordinary mandala of the group gathering practice connected with the profound ripening and liberating samaya substance dharma medicine nectar here at Pema Osel Ling."   

- Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche

For a description of the Mendrup, please click here


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Tue, May. 21 - Thu, May. 30, 2024
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