Short Term Retreats at Pema Osel Ling



Consider a personal short-term retreat at Pema Osel Ling. Wisdom teachers through the ages have recommended that we go to the mountains whenever possible to do reteat. Pema Osel Ling has been blessed by the presence of so many sublime lamas, that there is a special energy that supports practice here.

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche said “Pema Osel Ling is one of the best places to do practice. We have incredible holy supporting objects like the body aspect of Guru Rinpoche’s statue, made by our Lord of Refuge Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, and the mind aspect or our stupas.”

And, as Lama Sonam Rinpoche has told us, “Now is the time to practice. Don’t think you will have more time later. As the great masters told us, we should practice with the same urgency we would feel if our hair were on fire – we wouldn’t wait until a better time to put it out! Remember impermanence.”

Special Retreat Opportunities: 2024


Retreat Training Intensive: March 11 2024 - June 7 2024

We would like to let you know about a rare opportunity.


From March to June this year we will offer a three-month Retreat Training Intensive that will take place in our Three-Year retreat facility together with our next group of Three Year Retreatants to-be.  


All participants will have a private retreat cabin to focus on personal practice, while also participating as a group to learn and practice the basics of Vajrayana sadhana ritual. This includes learning how to make tormas, the intricacies of ritual chanting, learning to play the various instruments used in a sadhana, such as the cymbals (both rolmo and silnyen), kangling (trumpet), dungchen (longhorn) and drum, and a detailed training in how to perform the chopön and Dorje Loppön activities. This will include two daily group pujas, and two sessions for personal practice.


You can expect to come away with a thorough grounding in ritual, a detailed knowledge of how to perform vajrayana retreat practices as well as a chance to make progress with your ngondro accumulations, while living in this beautiful, natural environment infused by the blessings of many wisdom beings and sincere practitioners. 


The retreat fee will include housing, meals, ritual training, personal guidance and time with the Lama.


We are opening up the Retreat Training Intensive to anyone with a sincere interest to immerse themselves in these trainings and practice.


Spots are limited! For more information and to register please please fill out this Retreat Training Intensive Questionnaire and email it to


Pema Rigdzin Retreat Intensive video cover

Watch a video of Drubpon Pema Rigdzin describing the Retreat Intensive.


Drubdra (Three-Year Retreat) Cabins

We will have cabins available in our Three-Year Retreat facility through February 2024 for people wanting to do personal retreat in a very special place. A limited number of individual cabins are furnished, and retreatants will have access to the private shrine room, and share a communal kitchen and bathrooms. Rentals are available from 1 week to 3 months. For more details, please contact us


We will have opportunities for extended short term retreats that start at 3 months (Email for more Information) within the Drubdra facility. The retreat will take place in a structured retreat environment, where the retreatant will practice privately in their cabins but will join in communal meals and in following the closed retreat conduct of the Three Year Retreat. This is a discipline very helpful for practice.


In this way, the Three Year Retreatants will undergo the rigors of their training, and Ngondro practitioners and other qualified practitioners can correctly follow their own practices, using the land, blessed by many wisdom beings and sincere practitioners. as a support and upholding the complete gradual path of the Dudjom Tersar in the West.



Private Retreat Options throughout the year:


Kunsang Choling

Kunsang Choling Retreat Cabin

This cabin is also known as Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche's trailer, and has hosted many of our lama visitors over the years. It is available to Vajrayana Foundation Members only.


This cabin was originally a double-wide manufactured home that is now a comfortable one-bedroom house. The bedroom has a queen bed, full closet and bedside table. There is a full bathroom, with shower and bathtub, and a living-dining area with a table that seats 4, couch and coffee table. The kitchen is fully equipped. There is a full deck with patio furniture and beautiful view of the mountain and forest.


There is WiFi available at this cabin. You may book a stay for a minimum of 2 nights and up to 1 month. Please contact the office if you are looking to book a longer retreat.


Other Retreat Spaces

Depending on our wedding and group rental schedule, we may also have some of these accommodations available for Personal Retreats.


Orchard House

Located in a private meadow, the spacious Orchard House features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. The living room has vaulted ceilings as well as a gas-burning fireplace. The great deck wraps around both the living and dining area and has a beautiful mountain view. Each large bedroom has a balcony and sliding glass doors. The downstairs master bedroom offers a queen-size bed, private entry, and a private bathroom. The three upstairs bedrooms have one or two queen beds each, and share a common bathroom. The Orchard House has WiFi and minimal cell phone reception.


Sangha House

Our Sangha House is a large, ranch style, four-bedroom lodge with a full kitchen and two group-size bathrooms, one with handicap access. The living/meeting room has an adjoined full-size terrace overlooking Monterey Bay. This house has 4 bedrooms with a total of 18 beds. Three of the bedrooms have queen beds, allowing couples to share a room for retreat. The Sangha House has adequate cell phone reception (Verizon) but no WiFi.


Yurt and Cabins

On a quiet hillside there is a Yurt and seven heated cabins with high ceilings and large sunny windows. Heated bathhouses for both men and women are nearby.  Most cabins contain a queen bed, a set of bunk beds, and a small clothing cabinet.




If you are interested in finding out more, please fill out this Personal Retreat Questionnaire and send it to We will respond with availability and pricing.


Use THIS LINK to submit a deposit or pay your retreat balance after receiving permission for your retreat. Please click here to review our Payment and Cancellation Policy.