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Essence of Butter online viewable text:


Download a copy of the Samantabhadra Supplication prayer here.


Friday, November 27:

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Saturday, November 28:

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Sunday, November 29:

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The print text is available to purchase at Dharma Treasures: Pith Instructions Like the Essence of Butter
Here is the link for the read-only, online text:
There may be a link for supplementary texts of things we are going to recite (also read-only during the retreat):

Lung (Oral Transmission): Rinpoche is giving the lung at the beginning of the first session, and will give it again on the last day.


Questions: Lama Sonam Rinpoche will most likely set aside time to answer students' questions. There will be an opportunity to enter your questions in the YouTube chat area, or by emailing


Offerings: If you would like, we invite you to make offerings to help support the streaming and to sustain Pema Osel Ling and our special projects during the pandemic. Please click here.

Daily Pujas: Please visit this page for the links for our daily pujas on these days. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please note that times vary daily.


Thursday, November 26: 

Thanksgiving Day Buddha Amitabha Tsok


Thanksgiving Day Tsok Online Viewable Text:


Thanksgiving Day Tsok Text  Page Section Order: (PDF Viewer Page Numbers)

Emaho - 3
Ngondro - 13
Riwo Sangchod - 31
Invocation to the Protectors - 59
Prayers to Avert Pandemics - 75
Amitabha Practice - 97
Tsok Khang Dechen and Leymon Tendrel - 138
Tsok intermission prayers - 146
Concluding Prayers - 196