Pema Osel Ling

Holy Day and Daily Puja Streaming


Sky and trees Lama Sonam photo


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 *Please Note: All times given are Pacifc Daylight Time (GMT-7) and that these pujas and start times are subject to change*


Information & links to access the online viewable text can be found in the YouTube video description. They will also be posted in the YouTube livechat (You must login to YouTube to view the livechat). If using a mobile device to view the puja please remember that the YouTube description will generally only show in vertical mode. 



Summer Retreat May 14 - June 16


June 6, 7:00 am - VF Holy Day Puja - New Moon- Buddha Puja -


June 7 & 8, Shitro & Neydren Ceremony - learn more here!


June 9, 8:00 am - VF Daily Puja - Dorje Drolo Daily Practice -


June 10, 9:00 am - VF Daily Puja - Vajrasattva Daily Practice -


June 10 - 16, Seven Treasures Guru Rinpoche Retreat - learn more here!


June 16 - Summer Retreat Dance Day Celebration livestream - click here to stream!


June 18, 6:00 pm - VF Daily Puja - Troma Trochung -


June 22, 8:00 am - VF Holy Day Puja - Full Moon - Amitabha Day - Buddha Puja -



June 25, 6:00 pm - VF Daily Puja - Troma Trochung -